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It makes all the difference in how the world sees you. 


Co-authoring 3 Screenplays

Connie Mustang has provided innovative and creative ideas to others in order to assist in launching their projects and/or increasing their audiences. Her vivid imagination has been with her since birth, writing, directing, and producing her first production at the tender age of 7.  She now humbly directs that out-of-the-box thinking towards the entertainment & business world, as it is her desire to help others pursue their goals and dreams. 

"ONE" (Full-feature film)

In Post-Production

Mustang is an unbridled spirit, and what better way to experience that fun-spirited freedom then hearing her in her favorite place to prance, where the dear and VO animates play: on the vocal range.  Take a listen now.                      

Mustang at Work

  • Filmmaker & Production
  • Writing (story, copy, etc)
  • On-camera Host/Interviewer
  • PROvids
  • Public Speaking
  • Voice Over
  • Graphic Design
  • Manageable web-design, hosting, domain names, and more...

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Hello Neighhhbor!

830 Productions, L.L.C. not only produces your films & productions, we write, film, & produce our own as well, and offer other services such as photography, voice over, PROvids, copywriting, graphic design, and more.  Sign up for your complimentary copy of: The Horse Fly-er. 


A Mustang original - Inspired by a true story.



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November is a month of gathering with friends and family to give thanks, but you can also gather to make new friends, and to give or receive knowledge.  This November we have two great events that would be the perfect forum to do just that:  for voice over, you should attend SOVAS' That's VoiceOver! (http://thatsvoiceover.com).  If you are involved in film making, then AFM (http://americanfilmmarket.com) is not to be missed.  

Ms. Mustang will be attending AFM, so be on the lookout for future video clips.  Ms. Mustang attended last year's That's VOICE! This year it will be held at Warner Bros. studio.  If you are a voice artist, it is the place to be.  Hope to see you there!