Are you a part of the Mustang "HEARD"?  The "HEARD" are members of our FACEBOOK page REEL MUSTANGS, or on Miss Mustang's personal FB page.  Miss Mustang loves to meet with members of the "HEARD", as she believes they are all stallions in their field of choice. 

Here are some of the many functions Ms. Mustang has attended along with fellow "HEARD" members.  If you've appeared at the same function with Miss Mustang, send us your print and we will try and post it here. 


Connie Marie Mustang

Our latest video for MUSTANG BROADCAST is in post production!  Mustang Broadcast is about bringing good news to the filmmaking community, from the filmmaking community.  In the meantime, please enjoy this piece from the archives of KGEM studios, with the wonderful Del Weston, Producer of "Action on Film" film festivals.  Next year's "Action on Film" (2017) will be in Las Vegas!   


ONE's newest film poster, designed by Ms. Mustang herself.